We know how overwhelming operating and running your own business can be…
and we have some really good news for you-

You don’t have to do it alone.

It's OK to not do it all. To ask for help. To lean on those who have been there. To not be absolutely, head-over-heels in love with every part of your business. 

Are you a purpose-driven entrepreneur tired of saying the words "I'm too busy"? Align Virtual Studio was created with you in mind. At our core, we believe that choosing to chase your dreams + make your own rules shouldn't also mean having to lose your personal life (or your sanity) in the process. 

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As the founder of Align Virtual Studio (formally The Balanced Biz), Jamie Clampet got her first taste of the online business world back in 2012. While teaching yoga + practicing nutrition were meant to be her "real job", she quickly found that managing the online aspects of business were much more up her sleeve.

What started out as a love for pretty blog posts and matching social media posts has morphed into a full-blown obsession with all things digital marketing, especially when it comes to helping spread the message of purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

After only a year as a solopreneur, Jamie realized how truly essential a team is. Passionate about the way being your own boss can transform your life no matter the situation, she enjoys teaching, leading + serving her team from her tiny corner of the world in Washington, DC.


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Teresa began her journey in the online business world much like many of us; after realizing the need for a career that was location-independent. Why? Teresa is currently living in Atsugi, Japan. That's right, Japan. The US Navy sent her and her husband across the world, but that's not stopping her from helping you reach your dreams online.

Teresa is passionate about helping you tell your story. Whether that be through design or strategic systems, Teresa is is quick to create a plan-of-attack with end results that our clients adore. 

With a background in event planning + hospitality, problem solving is second nature to her. From projects based in design, systems or a combination of both, Teresa's kind and witty personality paired with her skill make her an integral part of the Align Virtual Studio team. 


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Kristen is a wizard with words who found her place in the online business world by what felt like chance. After a few years of juggling an online nutrition business, full-time “regular jobs” and simultaneously getting her writing published, she stumbled upon a fated Facebook post looking for someone to write their podcast show notes. This position introduced her to the often-inspiring world of online business and the rest is history.

Like many of us, she fell head-over-heels for the freedom, independence and space for her own passions that work with online entrepreneurs allowed. Running her own business previously (and still, to this day) made Kristen’s transition into supporting other entrepreneurs seamless.

With a background in management, event planning and copywriting + editing, Kristen brings an array of valuable traits to the Align Virtual Studio Team.

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